• Just wanted to say the HUGEST THANK YOU!!! I purchased your nursing belly tank tops that were offered through Groupon last year & Wow what a brilliant product! My daughter is just 3 weeks old & I have basically lived in the 2 tops, day & night from just after she was born. So convenient for breast feeding but the support & relief on my tummy & caesar scar have been quite amazing! Differences between this birth & my 1st daughters (2yrs & 5 months ago): * Didn't have the feeling like my insides were 'floating around' * Didn't feel the pulling & pressure on my scar half as much as before * Stomach muscles felt more supported & seems like I gained use of them much quicker * Lower back is supported and much less 'achy' * Didn't swell up as much after surgery - started wearing them from 12 hrs after caesar when I got out bed (post surgery gas) * Even trip home in car from hospital was so much better than 1st time as I felt 'held together' * I was more mobile much quicker - walking,,moving around, being able to give my older daughter the attention she needed which always involves lots of movement * I had way too much milk with the first pregnancy in the beginning & had to reduce my fluid in take and strap up to try and reduce the milk production. This time, I think the tank tops assisted with this as my milk supply has balanced out quicker and had much less engorgement than before. I really can't thank you enough and this will be my number 1 recommendation to preggy friends from now on. Have already recommended it to a couple!!! And I can see I will be using them for a long time to come, even after breast feeding as they are really comfy. Many thanks Debbie

    Debbie Satisfied Client
  • My belly belt has arrived and I am definitely impressed with this belt , the comfort and everything about it , I will definitely spread the word about this belt to other mums.

    Satisfied Client
  • I bought the belt last year October at an Expo in Sandton, when I was expecting my first born. I wore the belt the day after my son was born and was shocked at how comfortable it felt. By the time I was done wearing it people kept asking me where the "baby weight" disappeared to. It awarded me the confidence to wear anything I wanted. I am now pregnant again and am not worried about my post pregnancy look......i still have my secret weapon!

    Martha Mazibuko Proud Supporter & Satisfied Client
  • After the birth of your baby, your tummy needs all the comfort and support it can get. The Cherished Belly Belt does this and more.

    Devorah Gruss Registered Nurse and Midwife
  • I highly recommend the belly wrap as an essential addition to any mum's postnatal arsenal. It provides sturdy, gentle support for the belly and back during the early weeks, and is an absolute must when it comes to minimising the wobbly "mummy-tummy".

    Lana Petersen Doula
  • I have one question for you: “where were you guys with my first pregnancy?” I can't believe the results that the Belly Belt has given me; even my husband and friends noticed the difference! I wore it day and night & I was so surprised at how comfortable and effective it was at keeping my flabby tummy hidden. As each day passed I could feel my tummy getting firmer and firmer & I must add that I could wear it under my tank tops and no-one noticed I was wearing one, thank you Cherished Belly (it's become much easier to look at my naked self) I have become such huge fan that I stop all pregnant mom's & tell them about this great new product!

    Thembi Nkosi Proud Supporter & Satisfied Client
  • I felt compelled to write to you and tell you how FANTASTIC your Belly Belt is! I put it on immediately after the birth of my daughter & wore it for the 40 days and nights as recommended. It definitely helped me with back support during breastfeeding and swaying baby to sleep. My belly was the best surprise of all, I noticed a reduction in swelling after just one week! I have already spread the word to all my pregnant friends (even the non-pregnant ones!) Thank you Cherished Belly!

    Nehaal Faker Proud Supporter & Satisfied Client
  • The Cherished Belly Belly Belt was a great help post delivery. I wore it every day and within a few weeks people were complementing me on having regained my pre pregnany shape. Not only did it boost my confidence in my physical appearance, I also suffered from terrible backache after the birth of my daughter and the Belly Belt definitely helped support my lower back, and eased the backache until my abdominal muscles regained their strength. I also found that it helped with my posture when I was breastfeeding. It's a great product and I'd definitely recommend it.

    Kay van Schalkwyk Proud Supporter & Satisfied Client
  • I gave birth to my baby 3 weeks ago and started wearing the Cherished Belly Belt a few days after my caesarean delivery. I must admit I was amazed at how much the belt helped me, it definitely assisted with my confidence to move around due to the support it gives. I enjoy how it reminds you to keep your core activated, I think this is what's helping my waistline return so quickly! Well, I have a few weeks left to wear it & I can't wait to see the progress. Thanks for this great product.

    Joy Solomon Proud Supporter & Satisfied Client