• Small fits 66cm to 82cm (pre-pregnancy pant size 8)
  • Medium fits 82cm to 102cm (pre-pregnancy pant size 10)
  • X-large fits 92cm to 122cm (pre-pregnancy pant size 14)
  • XL fits 110cm to 146cm (pre-pregnancy pant size 16/40)

If you have had a total weight gain of over 14kgs, you should purchase one size bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. If your total weight gain is under 14kgs, you should purchase your pre-pregnancy pants size.
Should your weight gain be 18kgs and more, we would suggest that you take 2 sizes up from your pre-pregnancy pants size.

* Weight gain is best calculated when you are in the middle of your 8th month.

If you want to purchase the Cherished Belly Belt and are less than 34 weeks pregnant or unsure about your size, please contact us at info@cherishedbelly.co.za with the following information:

  • Pant size prior to this pregnancy
  • Weight gain so far
  • Expected due date

Should you have given birth to your baby already, simply measure around the largest part of your belly (usually around the belly button) and purchase according to the above measurements.