Belly Belt

Can I wear the Cherished Belly Belt during my pregnancy?

NO, NO & did I mention definitely NO!  This is a post-pregnancy product only.

How long can I wear my Cherished Belly Belt?

For maximum results, wear the belly belt for 40 days and nights. Remember, following a healthy diet and exercising, in conjunction with the Cherished Belly Belt, will help you reach your pre-pregnancy shape with ease.

I’m noticing horizontal lines appearing on the Belly Belt after I have worn it for a while, why?

This is absolutely normal, it happens to every Belly Belt. The Belly Belt is conforming to the shape of your body, the horizontal creases are proof of this happening.

When can I start wearing my Cherished Belly Belt?

You can start wearing your belt as soon as you feel comfortable after delivery. Some women find it’s the very next day.

What size should I order?

If you have had a total weight gain of over 14kgs, you should purchase one size bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. If your total weight gain is under 14kgs, you should purchase your pre-pregnancy pants size. This is best calculated when you are 8 and a half months pregnant.

Can I wear a Cherished Belly Belt after a caesarean delivery?

It provides much needed abdominal support and comfort after a c-section. This helps speed up the healing process and may lead to a firmer belly thereafter. Many plastic surgeons encourage the use of a compression band after abdominal surgery. However, it’s important you consult your doctor before adopting the belly belt if you’ve had a caesarean.

How long after the birth of my baby can I use the Cherished Belly Belt?

We would strongly suggest that you wear the Belly Belt within 3 months after the birth of your baby, however if you plan to exercise whilst wearing the Belly Belt long after your baby has been born, it could still work for you. How you say, well wearing something around your mid-section (core muscles) reminds you to activate those muscles, which in turn leads to tightening your muscles and a flatter mid-section (ask any personal trainer). Again ladies, I know I’ve said this before, but eating healthy and exercising will get you there faster!

How do I wash my Cherished Belly Belt?

Hand wash in cold water with a gentle detergent.  Rinse thoroughly.  Do not wring or twist.  Lay flat to dry.  The Cherished Belly Belt may take up to 12 hours to dry so you might want to invest in an extra one to wear during this period.

What is your returns policy?

The Cherished Belly Belt is worn as an undergarment and thus cannot be returned. It can be exchanged if proven to be unworn and still in the unopened box within 7 days of receipt. If we sent the wrong size by mistake, we will gladly exchange it for you.

How do I exchange an incorrect size bought on-line?

Please follow the instructions on our exchange policy document here
If you can’t open the file, download adobe reader here

How does the Cherished Belly Belt aid in preventing stretch marks post delivery?

These marks occur when the belly grows during pregnancy and stretches the skin. What many people don’t realise is that post-pregnancy, stretch marks can worsen due to the “pull” of loose skin that’s left behind. The belly belt supports this loose skin, reducing the tension that causes stretch marks so that you have one less line to worry about.

What type of payment do you accept?

Direct Deposit, Internet Transfer, Visa, MasterCard and payment by cheque. Please be advised that the product will be posted once the cheque has cleared.

I am experiencing difficulty with your online shop, how else can I purchase?

You may complete the following credit card authorisation click here and fax to our offices on 086 673 1357, once received we will process payment and make contact with you to deliver your product(s). Alternatively, you can request our banking details & do an EFT, please note that our bankers are Standard Bank of South Africa & our branch is Thibault Square.

What delivery method do you use?

We have 3 delivery options available:
2. Road Freight: delivery within 72hrs – delivered to customers chosen address, cost R80 (South Africa only)
3. Speed Services: overnight delivery * – delivered to customers chosen address, cost R120 (South Africa only)
*This service my take an additional 2 days to outlying areas and regional towns click here for more information
Road freight parcels may be tracked by calling Fastway Couriers on (021)5933252 or click here to track your parcel online.
Orders placed before 12 noon will be processed the same business day, however orders placed after 12pm will be processed the next business day.

Belly Baby Wrap

What is the correct baby age/range to start wearing the Belly Baby Wrap?

We recommend that you start wearing your wrap from newborn to about 18months.  This is typically up to 12kgs.

Is it advisable to wear my baby facing forward or on my back?

Definitely NOT! When you wear your baby in an outward facing position his/her legs are dangling & unsupported, his hips & spine are not being supported. This method also places strain on the wearers back by encouraging the wearer to arch his/her back. We strongly advise not to carry your baby in these positions.

It feels like my baby is sinking, have I tied my BellyBaby Wrap correctly?

It may be that your BellyBaby Wrap is not tied firmly/tightly enough. Here are some tips:

  • Tie your wrap tighter. Do not leave any space for your baby to fit in.
  • Make sure your straps are not twisted on your back and that the straps are flat.
  • If you have a big baby, make sure that the ‘X’ on your back is higher up.

When you bend forward (do this whilst holding your baby), your baby should not move away from you

What are BellyBaby Wraps made of?

The Belly Baby Wrap is made from a cotton lycra blend, 95% Cotton and 5% lycra. It’s 95% cotton makes it cool in summer and the 5% lycra makes it stretchy enough, easy to tie & comfortable for baby and wearer.

How long can I carry my baby in the wrap?

This completely depends on the baby/toddler. Baby wearing creates a womb like sanctuary for most babies but if you find that your baby does not calm after a couple of minutes of being carried, take him/her out and try again later.

How do I wash my BellyBaby Wrap?

You may wash in an automatic machine at 30° (think planet) You may tumble dry it on a low setting and iron on a low heat. Wash like colours together.

Belly Butter

What ingredients are used in your Belly Butter?

We use 100% natural and organic products such as cocoa (seed)butter, avocado butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and natural vitamin E to give you an enhanced butter.

Product information:

· Available in 100ml and 150ml

· Made in South Africa

· Helpful for mom’s itchy and dry skin

· Easy to apply – it melts on contact with your skin

· For external use only

When do I start using the Belly Butter?

You can use it immediately even before your pregnancy, we recommend using it on your tummy, hips, breast and buttocks.  It contains the safest and gentlest ingredients you can continue using it after pregnancy too!