The Cherished Belly Belt not only looks after you. It looks after the community. We strongly feel that every child deserves to be loved and given an equal chance in life. That’s why we’ll donate a portion of the sale of every Cherished Belly Belt to Little Lambs.


Little Lambs is an NPO that takes care of children in the Dunoon township. Many of these children are infected with HIV, have been orphaned due to parents dying from AIDS or even worse, have been abused or abandoned. Some have been left in the care of Little Lambs because their parents don’t have the health or resources to look after their children themselves.

Little Lambs make up parcels and deliver it directly to children or families in need. These parcels consist of essential food and toiletries, and is largely dependant on donations received. They are on call to deliver basic items to orphanages and care centres in need but would ideally like to turn 3 containers into a safe haven for the 105 children that they take care of. Not only do the containers need to be furnished with warm beds and toys, but the surrounding area needs to be cleared of all rubble, broken glass and devil thorns as well. It will take more than hard work to achieve their dream of a functioning care centre; they’ll need long-term financial support. That’s why Cherished Belly has chosen to support Little Lambs. For more information visit

Your purchase of the Cherished Belly Belt will go a long way in helping the children of Dunoon township.