I’m simply a mom looking for ways to make women look and feel better post-pregnancy. After the birth of my son, my mother bound my belly with a scarf. Her reasoning was an age-old tradition that encouraged binding the belly post-natal to bring the body back to its original shape. After some research I discovered that this practice was not unique to my culture, but also found in many cultures around the world.

With regular use, I noticed the benefits of binding my belly but found the scarf uncomfortable and tedious to wrap and pin every day. Drawing on a background in the fashion industry, I decided to improve this traditional remedy by designing a belly belt that was easy to wrap and stayed in place with simple Velcro fasteners. A firm but elasticised material provided just enough support without becoming uncomfortable.


As a mom I understand the pressures women face to get back into shape after the birth of their baby, and I wanted to share my secret with them. With the Cherished Belly Belt, modern mom’s can benefit from an age-old practice with an easy to use wrap. Its design is rooted in quality and comfort and I sincerely hope that The Cherished Belly Belt will take care of you (and that post-pregnancy tum), while you take care of baby.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact me at nadia@cherishedbelly.co.za

Nadia Rinquest
Managing Director (and proud mom)
Cherished Belly